What Is Intuitive Design?


What is an intuitive design?

In a broad sense, intuitive design is the process of designing apps and websites that are simple to use. This is accomplished through the process of analyzing the user’s expectations and stereotypes. Designers have to take into consideration these stereotypes and expectations in order to create an interface that is tailored to the user’s needs. This is done by creating an easy path for users to navigate through.

To accomplish this, it is important that the UI be organized so that all information and tasks are easily accessible without having to navigate through an array of menus. This is accomplished by putting elements on the screen that are logically linked to each other, and providing feedback as the user completes a task. This helps them avoid errors and gain a feel for how the application should function.

This is the reason why the user experience (UX) is so important for an intuitive design. Customers will leave any product that does not match their mental model of the user interface. This can also cause a negative impression about your brand.

You can improve the user-friendliness of your product by conducting user research and in-app surveys. This allows you to gather both qualitative and quantitative information that will tell you how to make your product more user-friendly and easy to use. This will ultimately lead to a higher level of customer satisfaction and increased conversion rates.

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