The Importance of a Well-Planned Board Meeting

A board meeting is an important strategic decision-making process for the company. It involves evaluating its past performance, engaging in discussions, and then approving plans of actions that support the company through its different stages of growth. The majority of these plans are for new projects, policies or organizational expansions that require coordination of various teams and departments within the company.

A well-planned agenda is essential for successful board meetings. This ensures everyone is on the exact same page when discussing topics. This can also help reduce distractions like tangential conversations and unproductive chatter. Incorporating the word “parking lot” at the end of the agenda can be a great method of putting less important discussion issues aside, allowing the most important issues to be addressed first.

Participants must be focused on the task at hand. It is the Board Chair’s responsibility to restore order if there is a Board member is disruptive or acting in a way that is inappropriate. This could mean temporarily apologizing to the meeting until the offender has calmed down, or absconding it if the offending behavior persist.

Each board meeting must include detailed minutes. The secretary of the board or minutes keeper is accountable for recording every deliberation or decision in a manner that’s easy to understand. This includes the details of all motions, including the people who supported them and whether they were decided by voice or count. If there were any dissenting votes, a detailed explanation of the reasons why those votes were against the motion is recorded in the minutes.

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