How to Evaluate an Online Board Portal

A board portal is an online platform that allows your directors and committee members to communicate on the device of their choice. It’s more convenient than navigating long email chains and quickly outdated emailed documents. It also allows meeting organizers to push meetings directly into board members’ digital agendas, making it easier to ensure they are up-to-date.

A portal for board members online can help your team collaborate more efficiently, which will save you time and money. Many board portal providers provide a free trial offer to your organization to test out the service before taking a decision to purchase it in the long-term. It is easy to compare several options by comparing their pricing and features to determine which is ideal for your company.

Top-rated portals offer a variety of tools that can save you time. Look for a board-related package creator that allows you to create digital boards in a matter of minutes and a system which lets you reuse templates from other websites. It is crucial to know if your board portal is compatible with mobile devices. This is especially important since most directors’ job descriptions include travel.

Choose a cloud-based solution, because it guarantees secure storage of data as well as location-independent access. It is also important to know if the company adheres to international standards for industry that oversee personnel at the data center and physical security measures. This will add peace of mind for both you and your supervisors.

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